A Sunday In Maastricht

CYMERA_20160209_145439My cousin and me decided to spend the sunday of my Aachen-Weekend in Maastricht, Netherlands. Oh my thats a beautiful city.

The river Maas splits the city what makes it even more charming. They have a bookstore inside an old church with a small coffe shop – they sell white nougat ❤ – You will also find several shops in cute old buildings. IMG_20160131_153904


At a “Pinky”-Store you´ll get some delicious waffles and believe me they really are.



Only the parking prices are a little expensive, so better park the car in Germany and take the bus or train. Takes 50mins from Aachen with the bus and just 30mins with the car.

So Maastricht is definitely worth a visit 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Sunday In Maastricht

  1. Or park just outside the center at Cabergerweg (from Aachen/A2 turn right at first traffic lights, over the bridge/Maas) and a few hundred meters from the center and the Market for one Euro per hour, maximum 8 Euro per day…


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