A mixed rice with vegetables, turkey hen, coconut milk and seasonings. Its refreshing in summer but also warming in the colder months. I really love to cook and especially eat that meal 🙂 So following the recipe:


2.5 cups           rice

5    cups           hot water

500gr              turkey hen (filet)

3 mixed           bell peppers

100gr               snow peas

3 gloves           garlic

1.2 inch           ginger

4 stalks            lemongrass

2 cans              coconutmilk

1 bunch           cilantro

2 tsp                green curry paste

Some               salt

Some               olive oil

Sauté the rice in some olive oil, add salt and then water – one cup at a time. But be careful it burns easy so dont forget to stir.

Dice the hen, ball peppers and snow peas. In a wok fry the diced hen in olive oil, if its well-done take out. Now sauté the ball peppers and snow peas in the wok, after a couple minutes put the turkey hen back into the wok.

Meanwhile mince ginger, garlic, lemon grass and cilantro and add to the veggie-hen-mix. Now pour in the coconutmilk and season with the green curry paste. Should be a little spicy – however you like it –

Now you can serve it with the cooked rice and enjoy. Sometimes I like to add cashwey-nuts, give it a try if you feel like it.

I love to eat this meal with chopsticks 🙂


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