My first vacation alone

CYMERA_20160217_111751A while ago I traveled to Zanzibar and let me tell you I sure do love this island. This was my first trip alone… I want to tell you a little bit about it:

After a fight with a friend she decided not to join me on the trip we planned to Zanzibar. But I wanted to fly, so I decided just to do it by myself. –> To be honest I wasn´t 100% sure if it was the right decision. The weeks and days before I flew where really emotional. There was that exitement I surely couldn´t hide and also a little overthinking – will everything go good, will anything happen, how will the people react to a woman traveling their country all alone… – Thoughts I learned are totally unnecessary. Because it was just amazing and I will do it again and again.

People over there were super nice and open-minded. Nothing bad happened and everything sure went just well. I met a lot of people over there from all over the world. And oh I had a lot of fun. So many things to see and explore.

So to everyone who is not sure about that traveling-alone-thing I can just say: DO IT

In my nexts posts you´ll find some infos about my (way to short) stay in Zanzibar ❤



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