Zanzibar- Spice Tour & Stone Town

For me the Spice Tour and Forodhani Gardens was THE highlight of the isle. Let me tell you a bit:

I went to Spice Tour with 2 Ladies and 1 Man from Germany (Leipzig and Cologne). The morning we started it war not just raining but pouring. No problem in Zanzibar maximum raining time is 30mins. So it stopped when we got to the Spice Farm.

A guide was already waiting for us to come. Now we started the tour -> if you´re interested in spices and how they grow, its a must-do <- he explained a lot, gave us several spices and fruits for tasting and tinked small baskets out of palmleaves. Super cute. Coming to the end we first got to see how they climb the palmtree while singing “Jambo bwana” (love that song 🙂 ) that guy gave us coconuts for the water and the meat. Ater that show we had “fruit-brunch” with papaya, pineapple, orange, mini-bananas and most important: jackfruit – super delicious i can tell <3. Finishing that brunch we went to their store buying spices and spice-mixes – oh I could have bought all of it. Now off to Stone Town:CYMERA_20160217_113214

A charming and amazing city with people as friendly as all over that great island. I did a little shopping inside the bazar. Especially for women a lot to buy – dresses, skirts, pants, scarfs in all colors – It took me a while to get some orientation but I found my way out after some hours (maybe it was more the dresses not the orientation).

CYMERA_20160217_114839At the harbor I had a wine in a restaurant called “The floating restaurant”. A beauty with a view so amazing as the ocean itself. You could see the sea with all its boats on it also the “Forodhani Gardens” with the people building up their foodstalls. As soon as it gets dark they start cooking on the streets and here they have a street food market. You will get everything your seafood and fish loving heart desires. So this one is definitely a MUST-DO if visiting Zanzibar! 🙂CYMERA_20160210_082341




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