Zanzibar – Snorkeling

CYMERA_20160219_112450During my stay in Zanzibar I surely did snorkel… 2 times. The first one was at Mnemba and since I never snorkeled before it wasnt that easy – had troubles with the spout the velve was either letting to much water in oder closed so I couldnt breathe *sigh*. But I handled it somehow.

CYMERA_20160219_105107We reached Mnemba after 1.5hrs drive with the hotels driver. A lot of boats were parked at the white sand beach looking at the turqouise colored sea. What a breathtaking view ❤ The group and me walked to the boat a small one with an orange top. After 15-20 mins the destination was reached, we took our clothes off, put the snorkeling-set on (spout, glasses, flippers) and jumped in the water. There were a couple of small fishes, corals and a loooot of sea urchins. All in all it was a fun day. But the next trip was better:

Another day we booked a whole day snorkeling called “Safari Blue”. It was something around 1hr drive – through the woods partly. The boat was waiting for us in a small cute bay but because of the stoney ground it wasnt easy to reach that boat. Finally we arrived and as soon as everyone and everything was in there we shipped around 1hr to a shelf – was pretty packed but ok. Had some fruits for brunch and “Stoney Tangawizi” (tanzanian ginger soda). After another hour we left and could finally snorkel. This time the spout cooperated well with me but the glasses let water in 😦 and into the bargain the battery of my Gopro died. That reef was amazing, a lot of fishes and beautiful colored corals ❤ Later we left for lunch to a empty isle – plenty of lobster, prawns, octopus, king fish, with it: rice and vegetables – just mouthwatering and super delicious. Took a look at a huge baobab and went back to the hotel.

CYMERA_20160210_082950And let me tell you one thing: Dont ever forget to bring after sun. I burnt my back both days of snorkeling so bad and found nowhere after sun lotion.




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