Easy Shrimp Pilau

CYMERA_20160301_133254A mixed rice with potatoes, raisins, any kind of meat, fish or veggies and seasoning. I prefer the shrimps 🙂 Its a super delicious meal I first tried during my stay in zanzibar.  So following the recipe:


2.5 cups           rice

5    cups           hot water

500gr               shrimps

4                        potatoes

1                         onion

200gr               raisins

Some               salt

Some               pilau masala (cinnamon,cumin,cardamom,ginger,black pepper,clove)

Some               olive oil

Sauté the rice in some olive oil, add salt and then water – one cup at a time. But be careful it burns easy so dont forget to stir.

Peel and dice the potatoes and the onion. In a wok fry the onion and diced potatoes in olive oil until its soft, add shrimps and later the raisins. Add the rice and season with pilau masala to taste.

I love the cinnamon in this meal. It is sweet and a little hot the same time. Just yummmmm 😉


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