Sunny Fruit-Cake

CYMERA_20160318_091356A refreshing cake i love to bake in spring and summer – in so many different ways. The picture with wild-berries and daisy-deco – and you can eat them as well. A piece of that cake with it a cup of coffee enjoying the sun in my garden – lovely. Best if family and neighbors are there too to share. And since today is the first day of spring I thought this one is a great recipe to post 🙂


300gr                    whole grain shortbread

250gr                    butter

750gr                    low fat curd cheese

250gr                    cream cheese

200gr                    whipped cream

550ml                   wild-berry juice (or any other fruit juice)

24 sheets             gelatin

4 pack                   lemon zest

100gr                    sugar

2 pack                   vanilla sugar

Crumble the shortbread and mix with the melted butter. Place in a spring form and press against the bottom of it. Let cool for a bit.

Meanwhile you can start with the cream mixture. Soak 16 sheets of gelatin in cold water, squeeze and liquidate in 3.4 fl oz hot juice. Add another 3.4 fl oz – now mix curd cheese, cream cheese, lemon zest, vanilla sugar and sugar. Whip the cream and fold into the mixture. Also add gelatin mix. Place on the shortbread-dough and refridgerate for 2hrs.

For the topping soak the other 8 sheets of gelatin in cold water, squezze and liquidate in 5 fl oz hot juice, add the rest 6.7 fl oz. Let cool a bit and place on the cake. Refridgerate for at least 2hrs – better overnight. Decorate and serve. Enjoy 🙂


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