No Time XinXim de Galinha

CYMERA_20160330_140036Yesterday I tried that XinXim de Galinha with my very good friend. We didnt plan it well, so we hadnt time at all. Ran through the grocery store, drove back home and immediately started cooking – why this recipe is the quick version 😀

I am always looking for new low carb recipes since I´m trying to lose some weight. So here is one:


2                              onions

1.2 inch                 ginger

1.2kg                     turkey hen

600gr                    shrimps

3                              bell peppers

1                               chili

4                              tomatoes

200ml                    chicken broth

400ml                    cocunutmilk

1 bunch                  cilantro

Some                      salt, cayenne, garlic, lemon juice


In a pan fry the shrimps.

Chop onions and turkey hen, fry in a wok with some oil and lemon juice. Flavor with salt, cayenne and garlic.

Remove hen from wok and fry the chopped bell peppers and tomatoes, add chili and the hen – onion mix. Now pour in the coconutmilk and chicken broth. Heat until it boils. Add the shrimps and chopped cilantro. Taste and maybe add some spices again.

Serve and enjoy with rice. For those who eat low carb too, eat without the rice 🙂CYMERA_20160330_140143


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