Back after some adventurous weeks

I know I havent been blogging for a while now. I came through a lot of changes those past weeks.

I started applying for new jobs a while ago and finally someone answered and guess what – I got this job. But since that new job wont be in germany I had to leave the country and move to … Ireland … The first 3 weeks I could stay in a temporary accomodation organized by my new employer. When those weeks has passed and I didnt found an apartment yet, I was staying at a super cute bed&breakfast. The hosts there were just awesome and super nice.

I can tell its a pain to find a affortable flat  whether shared or not in Cork, Ireland. But finally after already working 5 weeks I found a place to stay…

A nice house with 2 flatmates. Both french – one is working with me and we found the place together. They are pretty nice and do like my cooking too 😉

Before leaving germany for good I couldnt help myself but travel to Florida – not the best decision I have ever made but more about it in the next post….


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