Florida – not my best decision

It is always good to have a plan B if you travel alone. Now Ill tell you a bit why I went to Florida and why it was none of my best decisions so far…

My actual plan was a week in Norway for those great polarlights. But one of my friends asked me to come visit him in Jacksonville, FL… so I did.

We didnt see each other for over 4 years and the thought that we might could have changed never crossed my mind. Well sadly exactly that was what happened, we changed.

Long story short: we were fighting because he didnt want to leave the house much. After short 7 days I decided to leave his place and again travel by myself. I have to say it is so much more empowering and relaxing without anyone but yourself.

What we did while I was with that friend?! Heres it:

On one evening – it was dark already we decided to check out Amelia Beach. So we were relaxing there with a beer.

The other day we went to Fort Caroline National Memorial, a amazing park with my favorite trees – oaks. Oh what a lovely scene. Enjoying nature to its fullest. Since my “friend” didnt even stay close it felt like I was all alone with the oak. Just beautiful:

After we left to visit Little Talbot Island. A beautiful landscape sadly a bit to windy at that day. So we enjoyed the beach a bit before we decided to keep going.

And finally we got a bit hungry but still I didnt want to stop seeing places – i mean who knows when I´ll get the chance again. So lets go to St. Augustine – the oldest town around. And so beautiful. We spent the rest of the evening there – before we fought again and I made my decision to leave… I was so busy freezing with 75°F so I took way tooo less pictures.


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