Chocolate Tart

wp-1489615535203.jpgThe chocolaty dream of cake… Pure happiness in form of a chocolate tart… 😉


  • 200gr flour
  • 75gr butter
  • 100gr yogurt
  • 50gr sugar
  • 25gr cocoa powder
  • 450gr dark cooking chocolate
  • 250ml fresh cream
  • 150gr berries

For the dough knead flour with butter, yogurt, sugar and cocoa powder… Roll out and lay in a tart-form, slightly press it in the form. (No worries if the dough is a tiny bit too big, its shrinking after baking)

Now bake it at 175°C for about 25mins. Let cool down.

Meanwhile melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and add the fresh cream. Mix well and pour on the dough. Let it cool and place it covered in the fridge over night. Decorate with any type of berries. I prefer raspberries or strawberries.wp-1489573193273.jpg




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