Florida – Trip to Ft. Myers

PSX_20170430_110120Throwback to last April… I realized with my moving I just stopped writing about my travels. So now Im trying to catch up with that šŸ˜‰ Still in Jacksonville and what I did after I left my friends place…

And there I was – sitting at the Greyhound Station in Jacksonville waiting for the bus to Orlando. At that moment I didnt know where I want to go but the beach. On the bus I decided – Im going to Ft. Myers.


In Orlando I had a layover so I just went to the motel. Enjoyed some american breakfast – oh how I love Pancakes and bacon

This evening I was just happy about the bed. But on the next day I rent myself a car and explored Ft. Myers… I started with the Ford & Edison Estates – if a fan of vintageĀ its lovely. So many different plants and flowers. And their houses… victorian style. Something Im dreaming of. Old furniture, gramophones and those amazing porch swings on every porch, some with the great sea view. Even some of Henry Fords first cars were parked in one of the garages there.

Afterwards I tried to get to spot some manatees at the manatee park. But of course I had no luck. So next stop was town and the harbor in particular. There I found the restaurant “JoesĀ Crab Shack” a place I can only recommend. I got a table right beside the window viewing the harbor having the sun nicely on my side. And the food was amazingly delicious. Starting with (of course) mussels in white wine sauce and as main IĀ chose prawns marinated in a guava rum sauce on mango rice – oh my I can still taste and smell it whenever I close my eyes and think about it.

The next days I went to sanibel island and ft myers beach…….. more in my next post (that will definitely not be a whole year this time šŸ˜‰ )


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