Florida – Off to Sanibel Island

PSX_20170507_101814Still in Florida I spent the next day at Sanibel Island. First I stopped at “Sanibel Oasis Cafe” for a coffee and a delicious muffin. Afterwards I planned to see the lighthouse but it was too busy. So I decided to drive through the “JN Ding Wildlife Park”…A beautiful park which you can drive instead of walk, for lazy people like me, so you just stop wherever you want and get out of the car for pictures etc. Luckily there werent many people and I was able to enjoy the silence. Definitely a plus if traveling off season. And once again I didnt get to see any Manatees, Dolphins or Alligators – me and my luck 😦 But it was amazing there after all and I spent around 3hrs inside the park.

Afterwards I went to the Shell Museum where they display the different types of shells and their history. Also they had a little gift-shop inside. To relax a little bit, I decided to drive to the Shell beach “Bowmans Beach”. It was lovely there and the water nicely clear. I dont remember how long I was sitting there but it felt really good…

In direction lighthouse again I stopped at the “Periwinkle Place” and did some window shopping 😉 And then of course the best shop… “She Sells Sea Shells” – oh how I love that store and could have bought everything. You will find anything there with and of shells… a dream ❤

She Sells Sea Shells
She Sells Sea Shells

I watched the sunset sitting by the lighthouse, the white sand, full of shells… And to finish the day I went for dinner to the “Sunset Grill” in Captiva… What a great day I had there 🙂PSX_20170507_101921


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