Chickpea Snack

PSX_20170627_201530I really try to eat a bit healthier… but all that good food. So instead of chips and popcorn during a movie at home, I discovered the roasted chickpeas for myself… and gosh I cant stop eating them ;-P


  • 500 gr Chickpeas
  • salt, cumin, paprika
  • Olive oil


Let the chickpeas soak over night in a bowl with water.

Release the water and dry the peas with a kitchen towel. Put 250 gr chickpeas in a plastic bag and season with salt, paprika and olive oil. Put the other 250 gr into another bag and season with cumin, salt and olive oil. Mix well and let rest for a bit.

Now bake at 180°C for about 30- 45 mins. Move the chickpeas every now and then, so all of them get crispy.



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