Batbout – Moroccan Bread

wp-1489616156391.jpgA very delicious moroccan bread I first ate in marrakech… Continue reading “Batbout – Moroccan Bread”


Easy Shrimp Pilau

CYMERA_20160301_133254A mixed rice with potatoes, raisins, any kind of meat, fish or veggies and seasoning. I prefer the shrimps 🙂 Its a super delicious meal I first tried during my stay in zanzibar.  So following the recipe: Continue reading “Easy Shrimp Pilau”

Zanzibar – Snorkeling

CYMERA_20160219_112450During my stay in Zanzibar I surely did snorkel… 2 times. The first one was at Mnemba and since I never snorkeled before it wasnt that easy – had troubles with the spout the velve was either letting to much water in oder closed so I couldnt breathe *sigh*. But I handled it somehow. Continue reading “Zanzibar – Snorkeling”

Zanzibar- Spice Tour & Stone Town

For me the Spice Tour and Forodhani Gardens was THE highlight of the isle. Let me tell you a bit:

I went to Spice Tour with 2 Ladies and 1 Man from Germany (Leipzig and Cologne). The morning we started it war not just raining but pouring. No problem in Zanzibar maximum raining time is 30mins. So it stopped when we got to the Spice Farm.

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