No Time XinXim de Galinha

CYMERA_20160330_140036Yesterday I tried that XinXim de Galinha with my very good friend. We didnt plan it well, so we hadnt time at all. Ran through the grocery store, drove back home and immediately started cooking – why this recipe is the quick version 😀

I am always looking for new low carb recipes since I´m trying to lose some weight. So here is one: Continue reading “No Time XinXim de Galinha”


Curry with turkey hen and pineapple

CYMERA_20160303_152110A super delicious curry with turkey hen, potatoes, pineapple and cocunutmilk. I wanted to try something new, so I mixed some ingredients and used the curry powder I bought at zanzibar spice farm.  So following the recipe: Continue reading “Curry with turkey hen and pineapple”