Florida – Off to Sanibel Island

PSX_20170507_101814Still in Florida I spent the next day at Sanibel Island. First I stopped at “Sanibel Oasis Cafe” for a coffee and a delicious muffin. Afterwards I planned to see the lighthouse but it was too busy. So I decided to drive through the “JN Ding Wildlife Park”… Continue reading “Florida – Off to Sanibel Island”


Florida – Ab nach Sanibel Island

PSX_20170507_101814Weiter in Florida habe ich den naechsten Tag auf Sanibel Island verbracht. Zuerst habe ich einen Kaffee und ein Muffin im “Sanibel Oasis Cafe” genossen. Danach wollte ich an den Leuchtturm, aber es war gerammelt voll. Also entschied ich mich fuer den “JN Ding Darling Wildlife Park”… Continue reading “Florida – Ab nach Sanibel Island”

Florida – Trip to Ft. Myers

PSX_20170430_110120Throwback to last April… I realized with my moving I just stopped writing about my travels. So now Im trying to catch up with that 😉 Still in Jacksonville and what I did after I left my friends place… Continue reading “Florida – Trip to Ft. Myers”