Vegan Chocolate Cake

20170905_163441.jpgA very delicious and vegan version of a so loved chocolate cake… for the extra “sweet” of us 😉 Letting it look even nicer with some icing sugar on top. Was quite a success with my flatmates ❤ Continue reading “Vegan Chocolate Cake”


Sweet Potato Soup

PSX_20171006_183817.jpgBecause I love soups and its the perfect season for them… So here is recipe for a very delicious …and vegan… soup. Continue reading “Sweet Potato Soup”

Vegan Cinnamon Cake

PSX_20171022_181007.jpgMy favourite… the vegan cinnamon cake! The perfect treat for a christmas with the family. This one was part of the menu this year. While grandpa is taking care of the “Schnitzel” and Potato Salad I will be taking care of the treats. Who is taking care of the food in your families? Continue reading “Vegan Cinnamon Cake”

Vegetable Soup

PSX_20170522_202842Especially now in wintertime the most of us are catching a cold. My doc always said a loooooot of liquid and vitamins. Soup is perfect for it. And this one is kind og medicine for me… and its delicious as well. 😉 Continue reading “Vegetable Soup”

Chickpea Snack

PSX_20170627_201530I really try to eat a bit healthier… but all that good food. So instead of chips and popcorn during a movie at home, I discovered the roasted chickpeas for myself… and gosh I cant stop eating them ;-P Continue reading “Chickpea Snack”