Chickpea Snack

PSX_20170627_201530I really try to eat a bit healthier… but all that good food. So instead of chips and popcorn during a movie at home, I discovered the roasted chickpeas for myself… and gosh I cant stop eating them ;-P Continue reading “Chickpea Snack”


Colorful Summer Cookies

PSX_20170726_222126…Because color is so beautiful, especially in summer. Perfect for a little gift full of flavors and colors. And not to forget, those cookies are fully vegan! Continue reading “Colorful Summer Cookies”

Farbenfrohe Sommerkekse

PSX_20170726_222126Etwas Farbe tut doch immer gut und ist wunderbar anzuschauen, warum also nicht auch die Kekse schoen bunt backen?! Perfekt zum “verschenken” bei Besuchen… und vegan sind sie auch noch dazu… Continue reading “Farbenfrohe Sommerkekse”